Plan your visit

Make your visit a great experience! Before you go to a natural area, find out about all the possibilities it offers you. Your visit starts at home: find out about the place, reserve you visit if necessary and discover the nature and history nearby!


Discover the wealth and diversity of Catalonia’s natural and cultural heritage through the guided itineraries and sports and recreational activities offered across all the natural areas. In the brochure "Ecotourism: Experiences to Connect with Nature", you will see examples of everything you can do.


Prior to your visit, you can search for information about access, activities and itineraries on the website of the area you want to visit. You will also find the contact details and addresses of the information points.

Many natural areas have information points for the visitor, where they can tell you which itineraries are best and places to visit. They will also give you directions to enjoy a safe visit to the fullest.

You can reach natural areas by motorised vehicle (cars, motorcycles or public transport), but once you are there, you must abide by the restrictions on motorised access and park only in the parking areas designated for visitors.

Some areas provide public transport during the summer holidays or on weekends and holidays.

To know more

On the website for Accessibility to the Natural Parks Network you will find information on accessible itineraries for people with reduced mobility or visual impairment, which help to provide autonomous visits to the user.

Specific information can also be consulted on the websites of some parks, such as:

You will also find information about the rental equipment available for nature visits (hand bikes, off-road chairs or third wheels) and adapted equipment and interpretation centres, in the different natural areas of the Natural Parks Network.

Some natural areas receive a lot of visitors at certain times of the year. Overcrowding has many negative impacts on these areas. For example, we find more waste and pollution, roads are damaged and fauna and flora are disturbed.

In order to avoid this situation and help welcome visitors, some areas have limited the number of people allowed in and manage visits with an advanced reservation system.

The income from parking and entry fees covers the costs of the host devices, cleaning teams, maintenance of equipment and signage or surveillance services, which also ensure that you have a good experience when visiting.