Best practice in the natural environment

When we go to natural areas, everything we do has an impact. That is why we must always try to ensure that this impact is as minimal as possible, that it is not noticeable that we have been there. Following a few simple recommendations, we can help maintain the balance of these areas and their good condition.


What we can do

Try not to leave any traces of your visit. f we all let our dogs off the lead, pick up stones, play music, go off the indicated paths or leave rubbish, natural areas deteriorate quickly. With very simple actions, we can find the balance between visiting and preserving them!

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Avoid entering someone’s driveway.

Sometimes inadvertently, when we follow applications such as Google Maps or Wikiloc, we are use routes that are not the official ones and we may end up on someone’s driveway. Find out about the official sources of the wide range of itineraries and signposted routes to enjoy these spaces.

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Avoid sunscreen in rivers, lakes and pools

Although it may sound strange to you, do not put on sunscreen if what you are going to do is cool off in a river, lake or pool. These creams pollute the water and are very harmful, generate a fat film that hinders the oxygenation of the water and negatively affect the fauna that lives there, put it on when you have finished in the water. Respect bathing regulations or limitations in areas where it is not prohibited.

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Be as invisible as you can

During your visit, you should do all you can to ensure your visit goes unnoticed. If you avoid shrill noise, you will be able to observe and listen to wildlife that otherwise you would miss.

Icones BP Ves pels camins senyalitzats

Go along the signposted paths

The indicated paths are there for three reasons: to avoid damaging the flora and fauna living there, to erode the terrain more than necessary, because that path has been agreed with the people who live in there or are the owners and because it is the safest and easiest way to do the visit. Respect the signs: they inform you and guide you.

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Help farmers with their work.

It is common to find agricultural land close to or even within natural areas. Fields and crops are their workspace. Try not to go into fields, do not take fruits or vegetables and give way to agricultural machinery.

Icones BP Mantingues els llocs secrets

Keep “secret places” secret

Many of these spectacular but still vulnerable places are not well known or maintain a fragile balance between the number of visitors and their preservation. Use GPS or social networks responsibly.

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Keep your pets on a lead

Bear in mind that your dog can be an intrusive species in these spaces. If you have keep its lead on, it will not disturb the herds or the wildlife and will not endanger species that are endangered. Spring is a particularly delicate time because many species are breeding.

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Leave nature as you found it

If everyone who visits a space takes a plant, an animal or a stone, imagine what will happen: an apparently innocent action can end up destroying a habitat or affecting a species. Observe animals and plants in their habitat without disturbing them.

Icones BP Alliberar animals

Letting animals move freely, a serious problem

Letting an animal move freely in a natural area can cause serious impacts on native flora and fauna and alter its habitat. Act responsibly.

Icones BP Pedala per carreteres i pistes amples copia

Make anchor responsibly

Make anchor on the sand bed, avoid seagrass beds (a marine plant of great ecological value). Posidonia meadows are a key space for biodiversity and refuge for many species key to fishing. Help us preserve the wealth of our sea!

Icones BP Cap foc al bosc

No fires in the forest!

Bonfires in non-designated areas or during times of fire risk can end in disaster. Follow the regulations and only have fires in designated areas and at times when it is allowed.

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Only do what is allowed!

In some natural areas, their preservation is incompatible with some recreational and sporting activities, since they can have direct effects on the good condition of the fauna and flora. During the nesting season you have to be especially careful. Find out about which activities you can do or which ones need authorisation.

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Park only in designated car parks

Imagine one day you want to leave your house but you can’t because there is a car that’s not parked properly. This can happen to people who live in or near natural areas when you don’t park in the designated spaces Find designated or public parking and only park there.

Icones BP Pedala per carreteres i pistes amples

Pedal on roads and wide tracks

If you cycle around natural areas, do so on roads or wide tracks; never on paths. And always at the speed limit. In nature, we all have a place!

Icones BP Planifica la teva visita

Plan your visit

To enjoy natural areas you have to be prepared. Find out about the degree of difficulty of the route you want to do, the terrain conditions and the weather, if it is necessary to reserve access… Check the website or the app of the natural area, it will help you toplan for your visit well. Enjoy the local tourism offering. You will help the local economy and help combat rural depopulation.

Icones BP Respecta els ramats i el bestiar

Respect herds and livestock.

In natural areas, you may find herds and livestock grazing. Try not to make annoying noises, leave the electric padlocks locked so that they do not get lost and keep your pets on a lead so as not to interfere with their activity.

Icones BP Respecta els espais que no es poden visitar

Respect the areas that are out of bounds.

In some parts of natural areas, we find signposted areas that are out of bounds. This signage is usually for the protection of endangered habitats or species. Make your visit only in the spaces where you are not damaging biodiversity.

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Rest and eat in recreation areas or designated areas

On your visit to natural areas, you will find spaces designated for eating and drinking. Use them and leave no traces of your visit. Help keep the space clean!

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Share your experience

Your visit and what you have learned can be key to raising awareness of the importance of preserving these natural areas. Help in passing on these ideas and let everyone know how important it is to look after nature!

Icones BP Emportat la teva brossa

Take your rubbish with you

First of all, it is important not to leave rubbish or any items that can contaminate the space where you are. Some of them take years to degrade. In addition, if you put it in the corresponding bin, you make it easier to manage and do your bit.

Icones BP Com a casa teva

Treat the area as if it were your home.

If someone came to visit you at home, how would you like him to behave? Anything you think is improper behaviour: acts of vandalism, damage to infrastructure, parties and noise… are behaviour that you should avoid in the areas you visit; these places are someone’s home and you must respect those living there.

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Visit the centres and information points

The centres and information points are facilities where you will find people who can answer questions, inform you and guide you to make your visit a special experience. Ask for advice and let yourself be guided!

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Visit them in moderation

Too many people at the same time in the same place can disrupt the natural balance and damage it. Dose your visit in natural areas, as well as bathing in rivers and pools, and visit them for a limited time to let the fauna that live there rest. If you can, visit the space outside peak times; your visit will definitely be far more rewarding.



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